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November 2, 2023

Debunking the Top 3 Myths of Pilates

Pilates is loved by many and yet, there remains several myths about Pilates. In this article, we’ll briefly cover the top 3 myths of Pilates; Pilates […]
October 18, 2023

What do you need to get started with Pilates?

When you think of Pilates, do you imagine a young dancer perfecting complex moves with impeccable grace and agility? While dancers have flocked to Pilates classes, […]
October 5, 2023

History of Pilates

The history of Pilates is one of personal journey intertwined with the growth of an exercise method.  Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates method, faced […]
October 2, 2023

What Is Joint Mobilization and How Is It Done in Physical Therapy?

Recovery from injury or surgery, as part of the physical therapy process, might require a certain amount of joint mobilization. It is often referred to as […]
September 25, 2023

Is Pilates the answer for ending chronic pain for good?

Does chronic pain affect your daily life? If so, you aren’t alone. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 adults […]
September 19, 2023

3 Ways Pilates is Great for Fibromyalgia

Pilates is a low-impact, mind-body exercise that helps build core muscles, flexibility, balance, and conditioning. The method is easily adapted to each individual, from the absolute […]
September 11, 2023

Soft Tissue Mobilization Aids Movement

Feeling tight or stiff? Having some trouble moving around? Soft tissue mobilization might be the answer. One of the tools used by physical therapists at ProHealth […]
August 21, 2023

Women’s Self Defense Class on September 7 at ProHealth

Women looking to learn self-defense have a great opportunity to take advantage of an event organized especially for them at ProHealth Physical Therapy And Pilates Studio […]
August 18, 2023

What is Dry Needling? How does it work?

Despite people’s aversion to needles being poked into their skin – or, in many cases, downright fear – there is no denying the benefits from injections […]
August 8, 2023

Can Pilates boost your self-confidence?

Do you long to feel more confident? Self-assurance is grounded in various elements, including our physical well-being. Confidence doesn’t rely on sleekly toned abs or an […]
August 8, 2023

3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Are you looking for ways to give your immune system a boost? Immunity is something that affects us all. It plays a vital role in helping […]
July 18, 2023

What is mobility and why is it so important?

Mobility is often overlooked when thinking about physical health, yet it impacts nearly every part of our daily lives. What exactly is mobility? Is it the […]
July 14, 2023

How you can get strong with Pilates

Pilates is well known as a popular mind-body exercise. Often thought of as a means to gain flexibility and lean limbs. But how does it par […]
June 28, 2023

Loosen limbs with your Pilates practice: How to improve flexibility

Is waking up with stiff joints or ending your day with a tight back part of your daily life? If so, you’re not alone. But have […]
June 21, 2023

How Pilates can help your posture

Do you ever feel like your posture needs a little help? Whether you’re slouching at the computer or rounding your shoulders while scrolling the phone, we […]
June 16, 2023

Is Pilates Good for Depression?

If you struggle with depression, have you considered Pilates? Cognitive talk therapy and medicine are popular and well-known ways to treat depression; however, studies show that […]
June 12, 2023

Is your Pilates class good for mental health?

It’s no secret modern living can be stressful. The global pandemic in 2020 forever altered our world and how we live, work, learn and relate. Quarantine […]
May 24, 2023

Pilates 2×4 Board – What is it?

Pilates offers a wide range of exercises and equipment to strengthen the core, improve balance and enhance overall wellbeing. The largest Pilates apparatus are the most […]
May 17, 2023

Have Toe Pain? This may be your answer

They are small, often unappreciated or overlooked in our daily health. But stub your toe and in an insistent every part of you rushes to console […]