Quality Physical Therapy

ProHealth's Physical Therapy
Rehabilitates Injuries Safely

All of ProHealth’s Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants are both professionally certified in their field and trained by Dr. Karyn Staples in Polestar® Pilates. Because ProHealth Physical Therapy is Pilates-based, our patients have better outcomes including balance, stability, and core strength after treatment at our Peachtree City office.

ProHealth Physical Therapy includes:

  • Orthopedics: Rehabilitation for pain and injury
  • Pelvic health: Treatment for incontinence and pelvic pain
  • Vestibular dysfunction: Effective therapy for dizziness caused by inner ear imbalance

Our physical therapy professionals employ many modalities to treat including manual techniques. A big difference between ProHealth and other practices, at ProHealth every patient sees their physical therapist one-on-one—we do not schedule multiple patients at once. That allows for customized, personalized treatment of each and every patient.


When a patient comes in with a musculoskeletal condition, ProHealth looks at the whole person, not just the body part. While addressing the pain, ProHealth physical therapists look for the cause, and address problems holistically.

ProHealth treats people with all kinds of orthopedic problems in Peachtree City: professional baseball players, triathletes, golfers, and those who repetitively lift children or laundry.

With over three decades of combined experience, ProHealth physical therapists are trained in hands-on techniques like soft-tissue mobilization and Active Release Techniques (ART) ®. Under the tutelage of Karyn Staples, PT, PhD, NCPT, ProHealth physical therapists continue to learn the best techniques and treatment options.

Where does it hurt?

  • Back pain: Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar
  • Arm Pain: Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand
  • Leg Pain: Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot

The goal is for patients to continue on a path of wellness. Patients who finish physical therapy are encouraged to begin ProHealth Transitions, a Pilates introduction for ongoing strength and exercise.

Pelvic Health

It’s never normal to pee yourself, according to Dr. Karyn Staples. Incontinence is highly treatable.

In as few as three sessions of pelvic health physical therapy at ProHealth, a man struggling with the aftermath of prostate surgery can develop bladder control. Women who have lost bladder control after childbirth or as they age, can also see success after as few as six sessions. And women who are experiencing painful intercourse or other pelvic issues can get relief.

ProHealth’s Peachtree City physical therapists evaluate issues with incontinence and other pelvic problems. They consider diet, body mechanics, toileting habits, strength of the musculature, and a postural assessment. They achieve dramatic results, which profoundly impact a patient’s lifestyle. Patients find compassion, dignity, and competence in ProHealth’s physical therapists.

Dizziness or Vestibular Dysfunction

Often vertigo symptoms are caused by vestibular dysfunction. The vestibular system consists of canals that hold fluid and a central area that holds “rocks”—crystals of calcium carbonate—deep in the inner ear. At times those rocks can get stuck in the canals, and that causes the fluid to move poorly. Dizziness is the result.

ProHealth Physical Therapy in Peachtree City treats vestibular dysfunction with repositioning maneuvers that restore the proper fluid flow and the “rocks” deep within the inner ear. Typically it takes two to four physical therapy sessions to resolve the problem. Resolution can happen in as short as one visit.