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About Pilates

The Pilates Method is not just exercise. It is a series of controlled movements designed to develop strength, increase flexibility, and lengthen muscles while achieving total body awareness. At ProHealth Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio, it is a customized workout, utilizing pilates equipment and mat work, which provides you with the stretching and breathing benefits of yoga and the strengthening benefits of weight training.

Dr. Karyn Staples, our resident expert, calls Pilates "mindful movement". Because your mind is required to engage with your body to perform the Pilates movements correctly, you experience a new awareness of muscle function and control. That carries Pilates training over into the everyday—remembering correct posture for sitting, standing, and walking. The work done in Pilates on core strength improves everything from breathing to lifting to balance. That means that our clients are healthier in every aspect and safer to move and operate in their daily lives.

Even though some have only just heard of Pilates, Joseph Pilates developed the concepts and movements over 70 years ago at his studio in New York City. ProHealth is fully equipped with all of the equipment for which Pilates is known. The Pilates equipment utilizes springs and body weight to provide resistance weight training, and increase flexibility at the same time.

Our entire team is fully trained in Polestar® Pilates, a national program in which our own Dr. Karyn Staples conducts the comprehensive training. In their training Pilates teachers learn professionally how to help others achieve whole body fitness. Pilates, with its science-based techniques, intelligent movement, and uniform development of muscles, makes sense for everyone.

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Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Training


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Dr. Karyn Staples has developed two extensive series for online learning and CEUs.

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